Changing a Background (Video)

When you view an Envisioneer model in 3D it automatically places a background picture behind your model. That image can be any jpg or bmp file that you want — making it possible for you to import a photograph of the actual site and see what the house will look like in its given setting. To update the background, go to Settings-Program Settings and choose Background from the list on the left. The current background will appear, click on the select button to choose a new one. If you want to bring in your own photo, right click in the list of backgrounds and select Add Material. The Materials Properties dialog box will allow you to specify a new name for the new background and select a new jpg or bmp file from your hard drive to import as a new background photo. Great way to customize your work. The new image will be stored in your materials background list for future work as well. I Hope that makes your Envisioneer work, one step easier!